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__________ what is that sound
___ ringing in my ears...
_______________ the strangest sound
_________ i've heard for years and years...

What is that sound running round my head????

Como é que algo tão simples me pode dizer tanto???


3 responses to "THAT SOUND"

  1. Daniel Silva (Lobinho) On 02 julho, 2009 23:56

    And what sound is that?

    Lágrimas contidas?
    Risos perdidos?

    Abanões de cautela para não nos desonrarem o amor?

    Or the sound of silence running through my veins?

    Or the highest mountain of faith in the human race?

    What sound is that?

    My soul echo?

    What sound, H, what sound runs in your ears?

  2. Mike On 05 julho, 2009 02:45

    That sound??!!
    Is the sound of two hearts/Beating side by side/The sound of one love/
    That neither one can hide.

  3. Ruy A... On 08 julho, 2009 16:30

    "What's that sound?
    I like that sound
    I love that sound
    It's the sound of my shoes"
    in Shoes by Tiga

    Foi o que o teu post me recordou xD